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Excusez-moi, I was born in the seventies (on Gary Numan in Cars)

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The ultimate descrambler for Shopify variants

The goal of this tutorial is to show how to “descramble” a long list of variants in Shopify using JavaScript.

The code will work for any number of variants. It will also work for any number of categories of variants. For example, you could sell a pen with these three categories of “variation”: quantity, precision in points (fine, extra-fine, etc.), and color. Other products you sell may hold a different list of options for quantity, type and color — and that's all good. Some other products may have different categories of variants altogether, or just more categories. Still all good. The code will actually parse through the variants titles and create select elements based on what is available on a per-product basis.

The following is not a screenshot. Pick something.

Hard to find anything in there. JavaScript will simplify that.

We want to present visitors with one drop-down select box per hard attribute your product has (for example, one for quantity, and one for color...). By hard attribute, I mean an attribute that justifies the creation of Shopify variants — any attribute that affects pricing. In our little example case, we assume that the color does affect pricing. But it is also possible to add to the mix a pure JavaScript attribute for color, as I explain in this other tutorial.

Here is a way to select a variant that is much easier on the eye:

This method uses JavaScript and is cosmetic. With JavaScript disabled in the browser, your visitors will still be able to pick any variant they want but will need to locate it in your list. If you do have a long list of variants, this tutorial may prove useful. If not... what are you doing here? ;-)

A shop has been created to which the modifications presented in this tutorial have been applied. The theme is based on the caramel version of the Vogue theme by Jared Burns. Feel free to visit the 11heavens Popsicles website and view its source. If you use Firefox and have the Firebug add-on, type the word Descrambler in your console. This object holds a lot of information and will help you debug your own code. We will create and use the Descrambler object in this tutorial. If you do not know what a JavaScript object is, don't worry. It will all become clear as you read along.

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An up to date Visual jQuery for 1.2.6

Update Tuesday, 29 Dec 2009 — Visual jQuery has been updated for jQuery 1.3 and is now hosted on the jQuery website at

A new updated Visual jQuery API browser is available here. Remy Sharp did the update — to jQuery 1.2.6. There is an offline Adobe AIR version you can download here, so that you can run Visual jQuery as an application on your machine. Drupal is up to date too. The latest Drupal 6 release uses jQuery 1.2.6. I am not aware that the jQuery website links to this updated version of Visual jQuery, so I am posting the link here. Read more →


How to get paid while helping other people

Christina is her real first name. The bulk of the solutions you'll find in the Shopify community forums are from her. She used to provide support more or less on a daily basis for many years. She doesn't hold a Computer Science degree, but boy is she a shrewd programmer nevertheless. Christina is brilliant, self-taught, wise and way too generous. Read more →


Tu me manques

I dreamt about you this morning. You were back and I was touching you. I remember that you were not safe in the dream, and you were very sick. It's crazy but I am still crying now, I still miss you. My life is difficult now, I long for contact with you. Just hanging out with you. Oh, Bouboule j't'aime tellement, et puis c'est tellement froid la vie depuis que t'es parti. Les gens me font peur.


I have an idea

I have an idea for a tutorial.

My idea is to write a Photoshop tutorial, my first one, that would show how to apply realistic drop shadows to photos. Once you get desired result, you can slice your image up and, using CSS rules, apply creative shadows, hence 3d effect, to any image, Drupal block, Drupal box, etc. Similar tutorials are all over the web — well, not exactly, but there are quite a few of them. However, I had difficulty understanding the best of them. I clarified the whole process for myself, and have decided to dump it here. Lovely photo. Attached is my Photoshop CS2 file. The remaining step is to slice the image, of course. (If you examine the above image, you'll notice that I still have work to do to achieve truly realistic results. For example, the color of the 'white' outline is not realistic at the bottom.)

The tutorial is here.

One file is attached to this posting. Login or register to download this file.



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