How to get paid while helping other people

Christina is her real first name. The bulk of the solutions you'll find in the Shopify community forums are from her. She used to provide support more or less on a daily basis for many years. She doesn't hold a Computer Science degree, but boy is she a shrewd programmer nevertheless. Christina is brilliant, self-taught, wise and way too generous. Read more →


Tu me manques

I dreamt about you this morning. You were back and I was touching you. I remember that you were not safe in the dream, and you were very sick. It's crazy but I am still crying now, I still miss you. My life is difficult now, I long for contact with you. Just hanging out with you. Oh, Bouboule j't'aime tellement, et puis c'est tellement froid la vie depuis que t'es parti. Les gens me font peur.


I have an idea

I have an idea for a tutorial.

My idea is to write a Photoshop tutorial, my first one, that would show how to apply realistic drop shadows to photos. Once you get desired result, you can slice your image up and, using CSS rules, apply creative shadows, hence 3d effect, to any image, Drupal block, Drupal box, etc. Similar tutorials are all over the web — well, not exactly, but there are quite a few of them. However, I had difficulty understanding the best of them. I clarified the whole process for myself, and have decided to dump it here. Lovely photo. Attached is my Photoshop CS2 file. The remaining step is to slice the image, of course. (If you examine the above image, you'll notice that I still have work to do to achieve truly realistic results. For example, the color of the 'white' outline is not realistic at the bottom.)

The tutorial is here.

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Here is a list of things I would like to do. Read more →


Using Ajax in Drupal 6

John K. VanDyk confirmed that Pro Drupal Development 2nd edition will be published early this summer. I don’t know about you but in Montreal it sure does not look like summer. We’re still in the dead of winter, and it’s one snowstorm after another.

Anywho, I got busy last night and, on a Drupal 6 install, I worked through chapter sweet seventeen of the Pro Drupal Development 1st edition book. The title of the chapter is "Using jQuery". Read more →

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Packt Publishing Drupal 5 Themes reviewed

A first release candidate of Drupal 6 was made available on December 20, 2007, that is, two days prior to the publication of this theming guide... which covers Drupal 5! Drupal 6.1 has since been released, and many of Drupal’s most popular add-on modules are now ready for use on production web sites. The author mentioned on his blog that an updated version of his book will be published, but Packt Publishing is not yet listing 'Drupal 6 Themes' among its upcoming publications. Still, I read the book, and worked through its examples on a Drupal 6 install. As a somewhat seasoned Drupal developer, I still found the book helpful. I recommend it, provided that, as you read along, you refer yourself to the concise (and well-put-together) Drupal 6 theming guide available on Theming has definitely taken a leap forward in D6. For instance, intercepting and overriding theming functions is a lot easier now.

I bookmarked quite a few pages in the book Drupal 5 Themes.

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Free DOM scripting for XHTML ebook

This PDF book contains 53 pages. The book is now free, as of December 6th 2007.

Source code, table of content and sample pages are available here.

File Type Size Last update
DomScripting.pdf PDF 2.2 MB 07-02-2007

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Wind blowing at ++1000 km/hr

There was incredible wind velocity Read more →


Smart enough and connected

November 24th, 2005. As I write this, I am definitely not... connected.  Read more →


Get ready for an educational program

After a restless night, I finally was able to get some sleep this morning. And this is what I experienced. That I can make up a dream so utterly cruel is beyond comprehension. Read more →