Wind blowing at ++1000 km/hr

There was incredible wind velocity in my dream this morning. It wasn’t the end of the world. At least we didn’t say it was. We just said : "The weather is getting weirder and weirder..." We had gotten used to this. There was some kind of curfew, no one could go outside, we would all have to suffer considerable damage to our cars, houses... and trees were being uprooted when not broken. It could last like this for hours. The dream felt like it was hours. I was so scared.

At some point, I saw something like white dust coming from a wall, inside the house, and I understood that it was THE WIND outside coming through the microparticles of the wall, blowing INSIDE the house.

Later, part of the roof started to come off, and shortly after, a bay window crashed and something fell on me, a big chunk of that glass, it knocked me unconscious except I was still conscious, but in a different sort of consciousness, I was probably dead. It was an extremely scary dream. I kept waking up from it... then kept falling back right into it again.

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Any idea about the meaning

Any idea about the meaning of your dream?
I once were told the dreamer play all the "roles" in his/her dream. So, he/she is wind, wall, tree, etc, etc...


I think that yes I play all the roles, including that of the wind and of these people whom I know.


"just" :-) a prescient dream - real you seeing things that could happen during Earth Magnetic Field Reversal. Btw, have you seen any thunderbolts?

Reminds me (in a way) of a dream I had

The force-of-nature aspect. And the dead part.

I often dream of tornados, but this dream about the wind is different. Thanks for sharing.

The end of the world

The force-of-nature aspect. And the dead part.

I have plenty of end-of-the-world dreams with "force-of-nature' beyond belief... in these forms: strong wind, fire that falls from the sky, huge water flood... Very primal, I suppose. I also dream of alien invasion...!! While aliens are no concern of mine when I'm awake. My dreams are quite in tune with the wave of Hollywood catastrophe genre blockbusters :-)

Robert Douglass posting anonymously... ;-) Clever. I just activated your account. Thank you for registering.

Are you the Drupal's Robert Douglass? I love your dream journaling. The way you tell your dreams is as interesting as the dreams themselves. Thank you for sharing.

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