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Shit brown eyes, 37 38, lots of gray hair, slim and on the attractive side. Oops, wrong place. I am a freelance Drupal and Shopify developer slash designer slash consultant, living in the 'burbs of Montreal, as proficient at theming as I am at developing “modules”. My fees are $115 CAD per hour for Drupal or Shopify development and theming and Shopify JavaScript/Liquid customization. When it comes to development, I never start counting my time until I am sitting down to write code with a detailed how-to plan. You may contact me over here.

With the business details out of the way... here is the rest of my bio.

I don’t know what I want to do in the long term. Sometimes, I still feel like I will no longer be in 5 years from now. In the past, I occasionally held jobs challenging enough to engage my mind, but never so “engaging” that I could imagine myself sticking with the job for the long run, yet I did. I love to help people except on days where I don’t even feel like helping myself. I now prefer committing to the occasional work that doesn’t pay all that much, but that I believe in (as something worth the time and effort of any human being, because it brings something “more”), than to do things that I sort of like, accumulate money in the bank, live in a beautiful apartment or condo I rarely inhabit, and get caught in people-appreciate-me-because-they-profit-from-me-let’s-not-let-them-down.

11 heavens is my venture into doing what I love. Hold on. To tell you the truth, I have a love-hate relationship with programming (when I am not indifferent to it), even though I have made a living out of programming in C++. I must admit that I am quite fond of Drupal, and that, on a regular basis, my brain just purrs on anything that’s logical. I need my dose of things rational and binary. I cured myself from my first bout of depression by switching from creative arts to pure and applied sciences in college, where I got 100% in my calculus classes, and finished with a First Prize in physics. There are days (few and far between) when I miss simplifying an electrical circuit, or building a “state machine” — I went on to study electrical engineering after college, I have the piece of jewelry to prove that, the famous chiselled engineering ring. Recently, I went back to university to study Communication, and completed a three-year hybrid program in filmmaking and interactive media.

I “mostly” love graphical design, layout and typography. I love books and I love writers, particularly printed books and unpublished writers (they are more fun to be around, ever had the bad luck of meeting one of your favorite writers?). I love the chemical scent of a book hot off the press. I do judge a book by its cover, yet I am very picky about content. There are lots of “experts” out there, but how many know how to write a good technical book?

Nowadays, in my personal life, I’m trying to be my own lover, my own boyfriend, father and mother. I am at an age where I am becoming my father’s parent and my mother’s best friend. I no longer want to deny my handicap, so I don’t want to push myself physically. I am not interested in being a model. I don’t want to have to do everything that people do just to prove to others and myself that I can be like anyone else. I want to use every opportunity I get while still breathing to relate to other people, and I cherish my freedom just as much as humanity. Life is worth it if I can relate.

some picture

some picture

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Caroline... Just signed up. Is there a place where your writers can put their own "abouts" that would be viewable before our stories get posted?

Hi there!

I figure there could be something in the profile, so by clicking on the writer's name, we could satisfy our curiosity about the writer. That's a great thought DragonMommie! A profile field that would be like a medium sized text field, editable. I would try to figure out how to import that field into the published page, when it's published. On top or below the story. Something like that. Or to at least put a link in the story, an obvious link to that "About" information that's in the "Profile". That info would be great, it'd sound something like : Jane Jones is a [...] who lives in [...]. When she's not blogging [link to blog], she likes to...

First or Third person

I created an extra medium-size text field in everyone’s profile. You can access it by clicking the “About me” button from the Edit page of your account. Your account is accessible through the my account link (look under your name on the left). The direct link is

Here are the instructions (taken from there) :

That particular profile information (“About me”) may found its way above or below your short story at the time of its publication. You can write about yourself here using the first or third person. You will always be able to edit this text, even after the publication of your short story, as you will always be able to edit your short story or delete it. It’s the computer that will make this profile info appear alongside your short story, no one will copy it manually, so whatever change you make here (at any time) will be reflected elsewhere.

As far as that info appearing before publication, I’ll think of something. In the meantime, your name is clickable for whoever is logged in, and they can by clicking on your name access the public information in your profile. That includes the field above.


I just followed your link
from the comment you left on my blogs site.
Thanks for stopping by.

Reading 'about yourself',
I can identify with a lot that you write.
You must be an intuitive and perceptive person,
and a thinker,
it fits in with what you say.

I also have just passed the phase
of being my mum's parent and best friend.
I know that feeling only too well.

We may speak again,
somewhere on the cyber web,
if not,
may peace be with you
and your near ones.

Thank you for dropping by little indian

It's a pleasure to read you. I dig your personality. I will see you again on your blog.


I went on to study electrical engineering after college, I have the piece of jewelry to prove that.

That would be a special ring that all engineers get to wear after a special ceremony. It looks very humble.

Keep on Rockin in the Free World...

Hey there,
I happened onto your site searching for a Drupal module to force a user to register for a download. I just read your about me page and was pleasantly refreshed by your honesty. Software coding can be a mind numbing toil and thats what really turned me on to Drupal after trying to write my own hacky CMS in php, less coding, more fun.

I have somewhat of similiar background to yourself (you can check out some of my stuff on my site), although I started as an engineering student, I ended up with a BFA in painting and a career in design. Now I focus on javascript frameworks (extjs) and user interface design for web based apps.

Anyway, remember that art is good therapy, but there is always value in working as well. The starving artist thing is way over-rated :-)

Keep on Rocking!

The 3900th reader

There is something about this "about page" that I just can't decipher (yet).

Not only is the person a great book lover, but also something hard to define (in a good way of course).

It's nice to find a real human being amidst the era of robots and machines (with people acting like one).

I'm glad I did meet a real human by reading this page.

It's so inspiring I could write a song entirely-around-and-entitled "About-me" (Seriously! or, About-Her err, Caroline).

Glad to be free,



I am not good at English.
I just wanted to tell you thanks for the piece of code (module upload)
Your way of thinking is very interesting
See you soon

Ça me fait plaisir, Philippe!

Je suis francophone, en passant...

À bientôt

I am impressed!

Not very often one 'reads' a person that seems to be so much real, intelligent and full of live like you. let alone the attractive bit! I have just spent only a bit more than an hour in your site and I already feel close to it. Thanks for such feelings, work and words that you spread here. I wish you joy and happiness and lots of love ;-)


OOOhhh thank you! :-)


Hello Caroline.

Very generous of you to invite us all over to your site. My site is much greyer, and I've got no space to put any guests. A bit like a student flat.


Inspirational pics and Drupal how-to with a personal touch!

Just saying hello and have a nice day. This site looks cool, literally, with a minty-type-green color choice of the standard Drupal theme, very nice. I enjoyed reading your personal 'about me'. Warm hellos from Italy, Alexio

Warm hellos to you too!

:-) You made my day.

So glad, Caroline

Lovely to hear your day is going well, Caroline.

Currently appealing on for a Drupalist in or near Budapest. My Yugoslav techie friend has - it seems - misinstalled Drupal on my laptop, so I shall have to pay someone else to instal Drupal 6 again, I think, before I can begin learning the thing properly...

How interesting that you love books and typography as well as coding and logic. Have you read 'Counterpunch' by Fred Smeijers? Wonderful book about lettercutting. I wish I had your gift for things logical...

No, I haven't read that

Have you read 'Counterpunch' by Fred Smeijers?

There's a new edition in the making. I will check it out.

I am sorry to hear that your friend couldn't install Drupal 6 properly on your laptop. It is pretty straightforward (!).


Came across your website looking for info on a contact form for Drupal - understood most of what you're on about in your "theming the contact form for Drupal 6" post; but couldn't be asked to go through all that.

And I really got sidetracked by reading other stuff you've written. Thanks for writing what you do and how you write it!

Thank you!

Life is good!

And I really got sidetracked by reading other stuff you've written.

*blushing*... thank you

wow a great site with personality

I am a newbie at Drupal, and was googling on how to go about doing file downloads for registered members only, and came across your article. Registered with your site a few weeks ago, but din login until just now. And started reading around your site. You have a great engaging site with a touch of 'genuinety' (if there's such a word), but also with authority, I felt. I'm glad to have chanced upon your great site. Keep it up! And thanks for all the seemingly helpful articles, which I am going to read... that is after I begin reading the 'file-download' piece. :) Good work.

Thank you, Doreen

Yep, I'm genuine and speak with authority. You've nailed me down quite well, there ;-)

I looked you up a bit, so you are a designer...

By the way, there was a bug fix in the latest Drupal release (6.4), in the upload module's implementation of HOOK_file_download(). So.. some of what I was saying was not right in the first section of my document, but now it is, if you use Drupal 6.4 and up. (There was no bug in the Drupal 5 implementation.) I was the one to discover the bug and to bring it to the attention of the Drupal security team — by first reporting the problem in the open track queue... oups.

There are many contributed modules that deal with file download/upload. Before you roll up your sleeves and roll up your own solution, make sure someone else hasn't relieved solved your problem.

Help - a reward greater than money

I totally agree with you about waking up in the morning and not feeling really motivated to go and make a stack of cash.

Nothing wrong with the stack of cash but for some what motivates is more the possibility to help others.

Very hard for the money-wired people to understand that.

Thank you for sharing...

Just a Thanx to you from a french drupal newbie :)

C'est rien!



Pretty rad last name
good luck in all your pursuits


Hi Caroline!!

Pleasure to read you, I m fan of yours!! Hope you would like to write more N more :-)

its good

your words are very imaginative . its pleasurable time yo read you here.


Your insights and knowledge is amazing... Most of it goes over my head, but, wanted to share a huge thank-you for pointing me in the right direction for some shopify questions I had ... Still going to work through them (at a slow pace), but at least now I've got an idea of where to start - thanks to your knowledge - so thanks (and btw, I don't normally post on things like this, but was inspired too because, truly it's awesome to see someone who just seems to want to genuinely help peoples businesses)!.

you are a goddess. ^_^

you are a goddess. ^_^