Mission statement

11 Heavens’ mission is to provide high-quality instructions on how to make one’s life sweet on the web, and off the web, covering a wide range of topics such as Document Object Model scripting, how to embed Flash movies in xhtml that validates, how to sharpen pictures, how to automate art creation in Illustrator, how to lie to your boss and how to scrub your tub, effortlessly. As you see, 11 heavens does not know or care for a niche. 11 heavens does pledge for delivering the best possible owner's manuals on how to own your time, own a piece of software, own a programming language, and how to disown what you can live without. 11 heavens’ mission is to make learning fun for “youths” like you and I whose life is full of mature content. In time, other women will join, and a probably a few lads too, in creating more owner's manuals to put on this web site. Drop me a line if you think you might be interested in contributing such manuals.

Why the name 11 heavens ?

It may mean that there will be 11 gates to 11 areas of fun in here eventually.

It rolls well in the mouth.

I had a dream, and in it a mechanical voice told me from beyond — it was the voice of a god, I was certain of that — that there were 11 stages, insofar as something of a spiritual nature. That’s all I can remember...

Drop me a line, and through a non-mechanical voice, a very human and imperfect one, I’ll try to help you. On a weekly basis, I will fill up this web site with book pages, articles and download-ables, most of it free.

There's more about me here and there.

My mom loaned me this man doll that talks. She said that like it, I have a knack for saying the appropriate thing. I hope she's right.

A doll

The doll's hand with a press-me sticker on it

Much happiness and love in your life!

Caroline Schnapp

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Great site, Chill. I LOVE your place so far and can't wait to read more. It's refreshing to see how you've been such a free spirit so far throughout your life accomplishing a list of high achievements. Kudos!

BTW, is there really an easy way to scrub a bathtub?

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BTW, is there really an easy way to scrub a bathtub?

Yes, there is, Gracie. It does involve getting on both knees though, so as far as that, errr... I guess that... argh, no easy way, no.

Thank you for the compliments.

That is the Perfect Husband Doll!

I've got one and I love it... now he is Gabriel's and I can't find him.

"You know Honey, I don't know which way to go. Let's turn in here and ask directions."

The best... "Awe... Can't your mother stay another week?"

"You take the remote. As long as I'm with you, I don't care what we watch".... HA!!

Oh, they also have the Perfect Wife doll. Don't have her, gave her to my brother when he got married.

My mom wanted it back (for a while)

No way, no way... you had the perfect wife too ?! What did she say ? Well, mmm... I may prefer not to hear what she had to say. Isn't he just perfect ? — Let me rub your feet... and Mmm, you look so good in the morning! and I thought about you ALL day, that's why I bought you these flowers and Let me tag along and carry your bags, didn't you need a new pair of shoes ? (or something like that).

now he is Gabriel's and I can't find him.



I remember the perfect wifey droning on about "something" ..but it probably was not really important at all! Finally I had to kick her booty outta here.

She was all dressed in PINKKKKKK......
Cute in a plastic sort of way.

nice place

Heya Caroline,

|=| My mom loaned me this man doll that talks. She said that like it,
|=| I have a knack for saying the appropriate thing. I hope she's right.

Dunno about the doll. But from what I've seen on your site so far, she sure is right about you. :)
Nice place you have here.



OOoohhh Thanks :-)

:-) :-) :-)

A mission statement with a real mission

Your mother is correct. You have an entertaining way of stating your purpose and this mission statement is an example of that.

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Ich hatte einen Traum, und

Ich hatte einen Traum, und in ihm eine mechanische Stimme sagte mir von jenseits - es war die Stimme eines Gottes, war ich mir sicher, dass - dass es 11 Stufen, soweit so etwas wie ein spiritueller Natur. Das ist alles, was ich mich erinnern kann ...

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well i must say that 11

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