08 CSS Positioning Best Practices course reviewed

What do you have in CSS, Lynda? Nothing much, n'est-ce-pas? Apart from Adobe stuff and other stuff that's just too plain old...

About a month ago, I needed CSS material to get my CSS juices flowing again, ideally in screencasts form. I ordered the book and DVD bundle Handcrafted CSS by Dan Cederholm and Ethan Marcotte. I received the book and DVD two weeks ago but haven't really started on that yet. At about the same time, I also decided to do the CSS Positioning Best Practices course. The “best practices” bit was alluring, and positioning is what's hard in CSS, so... I added each chapter of it (the course) to my ActionMethod, and promised myself to hit the finish line. So I did. Here's the post-mortem of my generally unpleasant experience. Read more →


Learning Ruby on Rails Day 10

This is the second day of me journaling about learning Ruby on Rails, but it's been ten days since I did my first journal entry.

I got hooked on reading Head First Rails Read more →


Pro Css And Html Design Patterns: The Kabbalah of CSS

I just finished reading a book I bought one year ago. I found the book very dry at first, at least the first chapters, so I had put the book aside for many, many months... If writing CSS is a main part of what you do, you should get this book. Read more →


A brick came into the mail yesterday

I received in the mail my pre-ordered copy of Pro Drupal Development Second Edition yesterday.

The book is a brick. 667 pages with the index.

I am a little disappointed already... To be fair, I had high expectations. The treatment JavaScript and Ajax would receive was the first thing I'd look into. Read more →


Building powerful and robust websites with Drupal 6

Packt recently published an expanded and updated edition of Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals, and Community Websites. The new title is Building powerful and robust websites with Drupal 6, and it contains 362 pages with the index — 100 more pages than there was in the first book. The author, David Mercer, would like his book to become the Drupal community's de facto title for learning the technology Read more →


I am in love

I am in love with Vic Chesnutt ever since I saw him in concert last Saturday in Mile End, Montreal.

Vic Chesnutt

I can't say anymore, I'm sorry. And I am frickin' serious.


My head in CSS and usability

What's up with me these days?

  1. I am doing paid work on a Shopify site. I had to quickly learn a new template language called Liquid. Liquid was created for Shopify, but is also being used in other Ruby on Rails web applications. Somewhat limited language (no math, not much in terms of string manipulation), but it is elegant.
  2. I am reading the very enthralling and useful book Designing the Moment by Robert Hoekman Jr.

Packt Publishing Drupal 5 Themes reviewed

A first release candidate of Drupal 6 was made available on December 20, 2007, that is, two days prior to the publication of this theming guide... which covers Drupal 5! Drupal 6.1 has since been released, and many of Drupal’s most popular add-on modules are now ready for use on production web sites. The author mentioned on his blog that an updated version of his book will be published, but Packt Publishing is not yet listing 'Drupal 6 Themes' among its upcoming publications. Still, I read the book, and worked through its examples on a Drupal 6 install. As a somewhat seasoned Drupal developer, I still found the book helpful. I recommend it, provided that, as you read along, you refer yourself to the concise (and well-put-together) Drupal 6 theming guide available on Theming has definitely taken a leap forward in D6. For instance, intercepting and overriding theming functions is a lot easier now.

I bookmarked quite a few pages in the book Drupal 5 Themes.

 Read more →