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  1. I am doing paid work on a Shopify site. I had to quickly learn a new template language called Liquid. Liquid was created for Shopify, but is also being used in other Ruby on Rails web applications. Somewhat limited language (no math, not much in terms of string manipulation), but it is elegant.
  2. I am reading the very enthralling and useful book Designing the Moment by Robert Hoekman Jr.
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drop-down menus

Hi Caroline,

My name is Jeff, a new user for Shopify and a novice at coding. My URL is . First, I'd like to thank you for all the free information and coding you've offered on both the Shopify support/forums. I would gladly pay for your services or subscribe to your site in return for your help. I currently have installed the drop-down menu from this page that you published:

I would really like to take that drop-down one step further and split the list into a series of drop-downs to help narrow my results. So, for tags under 'Brands' collections I would have a two layered drop down menu for 'Category' and 'Color'. Then, on collection pages for 'Categories' I would like to have drop down menus for both 'Brands' and 'Colors' (so they can utilize any two in the same search). Preferably, I would like them aligned next to each other horizontally.

Also, I would really like a 3 layered drop down list, formatted the same way as the one described above, on the main menu page. For that to work, it would have to be set up so that once they chose a 'Brand' or 'Collection' or both, the colors list would have to change to avoid empty search results. Here is an example from a Shopify user: . Also, here is a link from a thread you were involved in that likely offers a good solution, but I'm to much of a beginner to even make use of it on my own:

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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