08 CSS Positioning Best Practices course reviewed

What do you have in CSS, Lynda? Nothing much, n'est-ce-pas? Apart from Adobe stuff and other stuff that's just too plain old...

About a month ago, I needed CSS material to get my CSS juices flowing again, ideally in screencasts form. I ordered the book and DVD bundle Handcrafted CSS by Dan Cederholm and Ethan Marcotte. I received the book and DVD two weeks ago but haven't really started on that yet. At about the same time, I also decided to do the CSS Positioning Best Practices course. The “best practices” bit was alluring, and positioning is what's hard in CSS, so... I added each chapter of it (the course) to my ActionMethod, and promised myself to hit the finish line. So I did. Here's the post-mortem of my generally unpleasant experience. Read more →