Flight of the Conchords

Since I broke up with my boyfriend, I have tried to bring my energy to a level where I can engage myself in work activities. To pay my October rent, etc. Something really saved me, and a whole season of it. Who would have believed that I could laugh and enjoy myself again, and so quickly. Someone lent me the whole First Season of Flight of the Conchords. It's a musical TV series about two roommates who are from New Zealand, live in New York, and try and make it as a band.

Here, Jemaine (the most immature of the two) is imagining what it would be like to settle down with this girl whom he finds "very hot". She's the one he thinks. (He had several "ones", most people get 5 "ones" in their lives and he had 3, says he.) The title of the song is Business Time.


How to get paid while helping other people

Christina is her real first name. The bulk of the solutions you'll find in the Shopify community forums are from her. She used to provide support more or less on a daily basis for many years. She doesn't hold a Computer Science degree, but boy is she a shrewd programmer nevertheless. Christina is brilliant, self-taught, wise and way too generous. Read more →


Smart enough and connected

November 24th, 2005. As I write this, I am definitely not... connected.  Read more →


I am alive and you are dead

The sky was divided into discrete zones of horror and perfect weather. Read more →


Jim Jarmusch

“Nobody knows it but you’ve got a secret smile and you use it only for me.” — FOUND SOMEWHERE.

Just watched again two excellent small segments of a movie that’s otherwise not all that great, Coffee and Cigarettes Read more →


Breaking and entering

I just finished watching the movie Breaking and Entering. Read more →


I am milk

I remember reading Prozac Nation in bed, while not on Prozac then, while listening to the song Milk, while being depressed  Read more →


Getting back to the list

Before the death of my hard drive last summer, I was updating just about every other day a TO DO list, which I printed and scotched on the inside of the door to my food cabinet in the kitchen. Read more →


Getting high on Mg

At a time when I was compulsive about researching and spending money on “natural products” (I could afford it, then), I stumbled over a web site that claimed in 800,000 words that magnesium could cure depression. The guy who maintains the web site, George Eby, is on to something.  Read more →