Getting high on Mg

At a time when I was compulsive about researching and spending money on “natural products” (I could afford it, then), I stumbled over a web site that claimed in 800,000 words that magnesium could cure depression. The guy who maintains the web site, George Eby, is on to something. I have always been up to performing chemical experiences on my brain, just like my dear old dad who’s on methadone now, and quite unlike my sister, who refuses to take Tylenol when she has a headache (she’d rather lay down in the dark and having all of us tiptoe around her). Result of my long-term experimentations : a little overdosing [1] on magnesium (the citrate form) gives me a high within 12 hours. I took some last night before bed, and today I am feeling quite good, all-is-well-in-the-world good. The effect is not subtle. Magnesium is not so much a muscular relaxant as a mood-enhancer. It is a very mild muscular relaxant as well, but without the hooo-let-me-lay-down-[giggle] side effect. Disclaim! I do not recommend overdosing on any mineral or vitamin, not even sporadically. Also, there's no science that supports this, that is, you'd have to prove that in the cases where magnesium relieves symptoms of depression there was a magnesium deficiency to begin with — as far as what I have read — and I bet you that I have no such deficiency.

Canadian brands I have used : Natural Factors and Sisu

[1] 500-750mg

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how much is a little

how much is a little overdose?

woops, it says below.

woops, it says below.