Getting back to the list

Before the death of my hard drive last summer, I was updating just about every other day a TO DO list, which I printed and scotched on the inside of the door to my food cabinet in the kitchen. There was at least 25 items on the list at all time, and when 1 thing was done, or 1 goal reached, I took a huge thick black marker and covered the item with it.

An old list that includes as last item Rencontrer l'homme de ma vie III

Long term was mixed with short term, there was no particular order, and everything went there, from having to soak my underwear to reading chapter 6 in book BOOK, to getting some errand done. Appointments were on that list too. Less important with more important, all mixed up. It did not matter that I procrastinated x by doing y because at least I was doing y. Without the list, I would not even have done y, and everyone knows that the best way to do something is to imagine that you are doing it to avoid doing something else. I was so productive with that list. I will start writing up a new list tonight. The only important thing about the list is that you have to break down big tasks into small tasks. Items in the list must take about the same amount of time to be carried out. With more or less sweat, with more or less joy, it does not matter. (I did not always follow that rule though, as you can see on that very old list here.) I experienced so much pleasure at marking an item done, with that black marker. I loved the list. The list was an absolute good. LOL... I have to stop watching this film!

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back in black (marker)

saw this post come thru on my google reader today-
checked it out and as usual was glad i did...

i love this bit-
and agree-

and everyone knows that the best way to do something is to imagine that you are doing it to avoid doing something else.

so true...

only question... why is this one at the bottom-

rencontrer l'homme de ma vie

move it up a few places on your new list, maybe... :)

and get a new black marker and get going!

vincent, in buffalo

Lists of lists

I'll admit that I am an inveterate list-maker. Sometimes I write things on a list just because I will get the pleasure of marking them done a few minutes later. The problem of lists is that they give an illusion of being in control. Once I have made the list, I can settle down and play another game of solitaire :( Another problem is that when the rate of adding to the list exceeds the rate of accomplishment, I can gradually sink into despair that I will ever get it all done. And I become the paralysed rabbit caught in the headlights of the all-demanding LIST.

Loving The List

I used to have the never ending "To Do List". This is a double edged sword for me. There is the HUGE sense of pride of accomplishment (like another poster, I'd do something...realize I didn't put it on The List, and would write it down just so I could scratch it off...with a FLOURISH! LOL

But after awhile, I wanted to trash the To Do list and create a To BE list. I wanted to get off the mental treadmill.

Much like the pendulum swinging from side to side, I finally came to some sort of balance. When it's "Important" (i.e., my survival depends on it) and there are more than, say, 3 things to do - I make a list.

Otherwise...I'm a bit aimless these days.

Humm....maybe that should change.

Thank you for your feedback

Andrew, the mere fact of putting the stuff I have to do on a list actually saves myself from some vague feeling of not having done something. The vague feeling is transformed into a conviction LOL... (I have NOT done x, y, z), and that, on its own, reduces my mental fatigue. It matters little to get through my list, making it is the only important thing.

Vincent, things are put in no order, and are not to be marked up in any order. Rencontrer l'homme de ma vie III ← although it is the last thing on the list, it is by far the most important thing left TO DO on that list.

Grace, I make sure I put fun stuff TO DO as well. :) and the whole ‘not feel guilty’ is something that I have become relatively good at, when I have the List. I know from experience that I will accomplish on most days not more than 20% of what my wild imagination has set up for me to accomplish. I know that. Knowing that, I can accomplish even less LOL... or sometimes more, and surprise myself. But the List is not concerned with deadlines, it is just a list of things to do, in no particular order, whenever.

Yes, you are right about the

Yes, you are right about the list removing stress. The worst thing is that vague feeling of not knowing.

I hope you get that last item crossed off :)

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