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Working on the product pages

Although we will want the browser to execute our JavaScript code on product pages only, we will not add our JavaScript code to product.liquid. We could, but we prefer to add all JavaScript to the head element of the document — where we can find all code in a snap, even when tired and confused. Read more →


A store that sells popsicles

Let's start with a context, as a context makes the whole process fun. You want to sell frozen sweets. Each frozen sweet has its variants. Generally-speaking, these variants specify a quantity, and a flavor — and some sweets come with the option of being sugar-free. The following is a screenshot of the popsicle product page as it is now.

Your product page showing all variants without JavaScript

To be fair, there could be much more variants here. I was limited to 10 SKUs when I set up my fake shop for this tutorial. Still, seeing these 8 options in a table next to 8 radio buttons is not very pretty.

What we'd aim for would be something like this:

Your product page showing variants with JavaScript

 Read more →


Not into me

My boyfriend is gay. My boyfriend is homosexual.

I would like so much to be able to share this with a woman out there who's been through the same. Please contact me if you have.  Read more →


Smart enough and connected

November 24th, 2005. As I write this, I am definitely not... connected.  Read more →


Ten things people don't know about me

Grace did a delicious job at sharing 10 secrets about her on her blog some time ago. I just made a list myself Read more →


Typical dream of a paraplegic girl

In an effort to write 10 posts today, as I have made this day a write-10-posts-day event for myself, let me tell you about the dream I had a couple of weeks ago. Read more →


I don’t like girls

Je t'aime mélancolie.

I stumbled upon some old CD of Mylène Farmer in my collection last night. She’s sexy! Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t ‘like’ girls.  Read more →