Ten things people don't know about me

Grace did a delicious job at sharing 10 secrets about her on her blog some time ago. I just made a list myself, but it’s not funny enough. I cannot find anything funny about me that people do not know about. My silliness is for other people’s benefit, I guess. Not it is not.

  1. A cliché says that most women need a lot of emotional blah blah in order to have good sex. That does not hold for me (and for many women I know, too). I do need a lot of blah blah though. I need to be with someone who knows how to talk. (Not everyone can talk me into sex, of course, that goes without saying.) I am turned off by people who speak for nothing, i.e. small-talkers, people who listen to themselves talk, and people who lie (although I can be a little naive...). Good-talkers are usually of a superior intelligence LOL...

  2. I once held a loaded (highly illegal) gun in my hands, and loved the sensation. It did not seem odd to me to imagine directing this gun in someone’s direction and pressing the trigger, in self-defense of course.

  3. I am a smeller. I need to smell everything. I could never truly like someone whose smell I don’t like. I like natural smell, hate perfume. People don’t need to smell like flowers because they are not flowers.

  4. I can feel the energy around people with the palms of my hands. Around plants and animals too. And believe it or not, around sound appliances when music is playing. (I had to work hard and for years to develop that talent though, it did not come naturally.)

  5. I had a mystical experience of sorts once in a catholic church. In 1997 I think. I felt and heard about 400 hundred angels speaking. To me, who else. Now all I have left is a memory of a memory of a memory of it. Worst than that : a memory of a description I made of a memory of a description I made of a memory of the event.

  6. I believe that there are gods who exist in a mental plane around the planet. People create their gods, literally. It takes time and faith, then voilà. There are probably well over 500 Jesus in that plane. And 400,000 Shivas.

  7. I have never had a boyfriend.

  8. When I was a kid, I was convinced that my family was not my real family. I was convinced that my family was living somewhere else.

  9. I remember my previous life. I don’t believe though that reincarnation is an automatic occurrence for everyone. My previous life was very much like the life I currently have. And I was totally the same person as I am now.

  10. I can easily slip myself in someone’s head to experience his/her tastes and distates, drives and emotions, if that person is standing next to me, and if I can relax into it. I would make a great actress, perhapse, if I was allowed contact with the character I have to personify. Maybe.

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I like your

I like your openness…