DIY Advanced Paper Shadow in Photoshop

I have an idea for a tutorial.

The following Photoshop tutorial shows how to apply realistic drop shadows to photos. Once satisfied with your result, you can slice your image up and, using CSS rules, apply creative shadows, hence 3d effect, to any image, Drupal block, Drupal box, etc. Read more →

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Everything is a property of an object in JavaScript

I am bumping this up because I think it's important. This was originally published on my blog on July 8th, 2008!

jQuery in Action coverThe book jQuery in Action is no light reading. It's not the type of book you can read in a couple of sittings. I started reading my copy several months ago. It might easily become one of the best three-to-five computer books I'll read in my life. I am reading the excellent appendix now, titled: JavaScript that you need to know but might not! Boy did I totally not! I will dump what I am learning here in two installments. Read more →

08 CSS Positioning Best Practices course reviewed

What do you have in CSS, Lynda? Nothing much, n'est-ce-pas? Apart from Adobe stuff and other stuff that's just too plain old...

About a month ago, I needed CSS material to get my CSS juices flowing again, ideally in screencasts form. I ordered the book and DVD bundle Handcrafted CSS by Dan Cederholm and Ethan Marcotte. I received the book and DVD two weeks ago but haven't really started on that yet. At about the same time, I also decided to do the CSS Positioning Best Practices course. The “best practices” bit was alluring, and positioning is what's hard in CSS, so... I added each chapter of it (the course) to my ActionMethod, and promised myself to hit the finish line. So I did. Here's the post-mortem of my generally unpleasant experience. Read more →


Learning Ruby on Rails Day 41

So I modified my Shovell code to use unobtrusive jQuery. Read more →


Learning Ruby on Rails Day 40

Where did time go? Last time I added an entry to my Learning Ruby on Rails journal, it was May 6th. Today is October 30th. There may have been 40 days of learning between then and now. I am back into it — is what matters. Read more →


Using Greasemonkey to load and use jQuery while being considerate to John's bandwidth

When I googled how to use jQuery in a Greasemonkey script — a script to run on a web page that already loads some other, conflicting, JavaScript framework, like Prototype — I found no script that worked. Not a fucking one. They all contained very wrong bits, and I wander why they're still published. They're still indexed so that people like me can experience more pain. Here's what I came up with after much labor. I believe it is fail-proof. Read more →


How to Shrinkwrap and Center a Block element inside a Block element

In this article, I will explain one way of horizontally centering a shrink-wrapped block element inside another block element using additional markup (an extra div). The problem is: You can not easily center a block element without first knowing something about its width. Read more →


Binding an event listener to a DOM element that may not yet exist

There's a very sweet jQuery plugin that makes it possible to bind event listeners to elements that may not have been added, yet, to the document. Read more →


Learning Ruby on Rails Day 10

This is the second day of me journaling about learning Ruby on Rails, but it's been ten days since I did my first journal entry.

I got hooked on reading Head First Rails Read more →


Learning Ruby on Rails Day 1

This is Day One of me journaling about learning Ruby on Rails. I started learning both Ruby and Rails before Christmas. Read more →