IE7 preliminary bug report: the onclick event-handler

In Internet Explorer 7 (final release, build 7.0.5730.11), we cannot, using Javascript, cancel the browser’s default action for an anchor element by setting this element’s onclick event-handler to false. One way to solve the problem is to remove the href attribute, yet let the cursor that hovers over the element remain pointy (i.e. keep the white hand with the pointing forefinger), using CSS. Read more →

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Stalking Kurt Vonnegut

The story was published in cyber-magazine eight years ago. The author, Daniel Stern, was a creative writing student at New School for Social Research in New York. I wish I knew what happened to him. I very much liked his short story. And, yes, I am too, like Stern’s narrator, a fan of Kurt Vonnegut. Read more →


Family life

When I feel like having some family life time, I put on a family life DVD. Read more →


Getting high on Mg

At a time when I was compulsive about researching and spending money on “natural products” (I could afford it, then), I stumbled over a web site that claimed in 800,000 words that magnesium could cure depression. The guy who maintains the web site, George Eby, is on to something.  Read more →


Dreaming that things are assigned to me

I am spending too much time programming these days, so I dream that things are assigned to me, that I am product of the stimuli I am exposed to :

var Caroline = array(stuff, stuff, more stuff);

I also dream that I invoke memories like functions :


It really is awful. However, it makes me realize that I may benefit from changing my environment, try and play with it, to see how my feelings may vary, positively. Read more →


The future is the past

More of the same

How does that picture make you feel ? It's a painting, from Patrick Hughes, titled Déja Vu. In the grand non-scheme of things, we, as a species, are apparently evolving, albeit extremely slowly. And you and I ? Much to my surprise — from reading old journals I wrote while I was in high school — I haven't changed much inside. Actually, I fail to see how I have changed at all. I may only have gained a little of life know-how.

Is that a depressing thought ? It wasn't for me. As I was reading these old rants, I felt hot in the face (yes, it was close to shame, but not quite), and I was moved, seeing myself in that too-close-for-comfort ghost from the past. Read more →


A quality of the air

When I was a kid, I didn't feel like a kid. I don't think I ever felt like a kid until recently (I am 35). Sometimes, when I lay down, I hear some noise from the outside — usual background noise in a small town, I guess — and suddenly I know that I remember a time from the past... where time was slow. It feels so, so good... except I can't make it out. Read more →


I don’t like girls

Je t'aime mélancolie.

I stumbled upon some old CD of Mylène Farmer in my collection last night. She’s sexy! Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t ‘like’ girls.  Read more →


I am looking for you

We did a lot of walking together.  Read more →