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Binding an event listener to a DOM element that may not yet exist

There's a very sweet jQuery plugin that makes it possible to bind event listeners to elements that may not have been added, yet, to the document. Read more →


Learning Ruby on Rails Day 10

This is the second day of me journaling about learning Ruby on Rails, but it's been ten days since I did my first journal entry.

I got hooked on reading Head First Rails Read more →


Learning Ruby on Rails Day 1

This is Day One of me journaling about learning Ruby on Rails. I started learning both Ruby and Rails before Christmas. Read more →


Pro Css And Html Design Patterns: The Kabbalah of CSS

I just finished reading a book I bought one year ago. I found the book very dry at first, at least the first chapters, so I had put the book aside for many, many months... If writing CSS is a main part of what you do, you should get this book. Read more →


Truthy and falsy in JavaScript

The purpose of this article is to help me and perhaps yourself differentiate between true, truthy, false and falsy in JavaScript. If you read through the article, in the end you will face two fun challenges. Good luck ;-) Read more →


A brick came into the mail yesterday

I received in the mail my pre-ordered copy of Pro Drupal Development Second Edition yesterday.

The book is a brick. 667 pages with the index.

I am a little disappointed already... To be fair, I had high expectations. The treatment JavaScript and Ajax would receive was the first thing I'd look into. Read more →


Theming Drupal 6 from the module layer

Sometimes, you need to change the HTML markup output by some module, and you want your changes to keep whichever theme you will use. The need came up for me recently when I had to provide special markup for pages that display a webform. I had to quickly put together a module for a client, a module that would provide a template file, which I decided to name (arbitrarily) page-webform.tpl.php.

The situation may arise for you as well, so I will share my technique with you. Say you want to provide a template file for all pages that display one node of a content type with machine-readable name CONTENT_TYPE_NAME. And say you want to use a module to provide such template. Say you decide to name your module special_pageRead more →


Rubber band and no-spilling contest

Now that Firefox 3 and IE7 are out and raging (and IE8 available in beta), a new clearfix solution has received the seal of approval from the website Caution: it may make you shake your head, blink slowly and say 'Whaa…?'. Read this old article and digg it. Let your clear-block class be changed to .clear-block { overflow: hidden; }
— Update

You may read the rest of my article, which was published on Wednesday, April 11th 2007. Read more →

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No time of day in node date

It is common to wish to remove the time of day shown in the node “submitted” line. In Drupal 5, there were no less than three ways to achieve this, and I will present these when I'm done covering date formatting for Drupal 6. Drupal 6 allows you to modify the different formats for dates in the Administration area of your site, these different formats being small, medium and large — yep, just like pizza, oh... my... god... You could do the same in Drupal 5. However, you then had to pick among a finite list of options. In Drupal 6, you can create an nth option, if you like none of the options presented to you. Read more →