Here is a list of things I would like to do.

  • Port multiflex 5.4 to Drupal 6. From what I’ve seen so far, this web template is quite beautiful under the hood. I want to make my theme very configurable from its settings page, that is, make it colorizable, to start with.
  • Finish writing a Drupal 6 theming ebook.
  • Port my module Inspire to Drupal 5, so that I can put it back on this web site of mine. (Which used to run on Drupal 4.7) This can be done in 1 hour. (Do not look for this module on Drupal CVS, not there.)

I would like to share some discoveries with you. I can’t keep interesting stuff to myself.

  • How to collect (or steal) web design ideas? Simple. Install the ScrapBook Firefox extension. Capture these pages that contain neat little things. Save to a folder. Remove from each page everything but the neat little thing it contains, using the DOM Eraser.
  • That book is beautiful. Worth paying for.
  • Aptana Studio.
  • Dexter (TV).
  • Arrested Development (TV).

Various thoughts...


There’s nothing more attractive than my boyfriend looking at me sideways like this. Michael C. Hall is very cute (that’s him on the screen capture above). He reminds me of Paul Van Dyck the Playwright and Actor. Why?

Tonight’s the night, and it’s gonna happen again... and again. I used to be somewhat promiscuous. I derived no pleasure from seducing men. I was deriving pleasure from possessing them in the flesh. Maybe I’m possessive when it comes to love, so much and so radically that I prefer to stay on the fence feeling-wise. Mmm.

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