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Stalking Kurt Vonnegut

The story was published in cyber-magazine eight years ago. The author, Daniel Stern, was a creative writing student at New School for Social Research in New York. I wish I knew what happened to him. I very much liked his short story. And, yes, I am too, like Stern’s narrator, a fan of Kurt Vonnegut. Read more →


Family life

When I feel like having some family life time, I put on a family life DVD. Read more →


Getting high on Mg

At a time when I was compulsive about researching and spending money on “natural products” (I could afford it, then), I stumbled over a web site that claimed in 800,000 words that magnesium could cure depression. The guy who maintains the web site, George Eby, is on to something.  Read more →


Dreaming that things are assigned to me

I am spending too much time programming these days, so I dream that things are assigned to me, that I am product of the stimuli I am exposed to :

var Caroline = array(stuff, stuff, more stuff);

I also dream that I invoke memories like functions :


It really is awful. However, it makes me realize that I may benefit from changing my environment, try and play with it, to see how my feelings may vary, positively. Read more →


The future is the past

More of the same

How does that picture make you feel ? It's a painting, from Patrick Hughes, titled Déja Vu. In the grand non-scheme of things, we, as a species, are apparently evolving, albeit extremely slowly. And you and I ? Much to my surprise — from reading old journals I wrote while I was in high school — I haven't changed much inside. Actually, I fail to see how I have changed at all. I may only have gained a little of life know-how.

Is that a depressing thought ? It wasn't for me. As I was reading these old rants, I felt hot in the face (yes, it was close to shame, but not quite), and I was moved, seeing myself in that too-close-for-comfort ghost from the past. Read more →


A quality of the air

When I was a kid, I didn't feel like a kid. I don't think I ever felt like a kid until recently (I am 35). Sometimes, when I lay down, I hear some noise from the outside — usual background noise in a small town, I guess — and suddenly I know that I remember a time from the past... where time was slow. It feels so, so good... except I can't make it out. Read more →


I don’t like girls

Je t'aime mélancolie.

I stumbled upon some old CD of Mylène Farmer in my collection last night. She’s sexy! Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t ‘like’ girls.  Read more →


I am looking for you

We did a lot of walking together.  Read more →