Family life

When I feel like having some family life time, I put on a family life DVD. These days, I am putting on The Upside of Anger, with Kevin Costner and Joan Allen, a movie with good acting, good dialogue and good editing. A mono-parental family with just... girls. I feel right at home. With a superb love story to boot : starting out as a friendship, just as it should. Two grown-up people hanging out together... at home, an ideal place to hang out. They watch TV and drink. They are drinking buddies.

Denny and Terry watching TV while drinking.

One day, the woman calls the man : “Do you want to have sex ? It’s now or never, I’ll come over.” He says “sure” but in a panic he runs to hide in his backyard. With his cell phone, he calls home, she answers the phone from his bedroom. He asks for a rain check. She says : “No way. It was like the Halley's Comet.”

Denny hiding in his backyard, while Terry is in his bedroom, ready for sex.

Fast Forward. Much later, he calls her and says he’ll come over for sex, she accepts, but takes off in her car. He “intercepts” her. Anyway, they end up doing it, and they just grow on one another, and fall in love. He likes spending time with her, and likes her home. She likes his presence. What more to ask ? And I am sure that the sex is good, in the story.

Denny intercepts Terry.

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Fast Forward. Much later, he

Fast Forward. Much later, he calls her and says he’ll come over for sex, she accepts

Jangan berniat pergi lagi.

Jangan berniat pergi lagi. Hatimu sudah terlanjur menjadi hal yang dengan penuh kucintai. Kita adalah dua orang yang sama-sama berjuang melawan rayuan. Bukan kamu saja yang sedang memperjuangkan.

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bismillah, hopefully it could be better :)
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