A quality of the air

When I was a kid, I didn't feel like a kid. I don't think I ever felt like a kid until recently (I am 35). Sometimes, when I lay down, I hear some noise from the outside — usual background noise in a small town, I guess — and suddenly I know that I remember a time from the past... where time was slow. It feels so, so good... except I can't make it out. The reason why I can’t make it out is that I am remembering a non-event, where there was no action, no thought, and no one involved but me. I am remembering an atmosphere, a feeling, a quality of the air never to be experienced again, a quality of being, of sound humming, of a dog barking, birds singing, the sound of the wind and God knows what... and all that I am absolutely certain of is that I am remembering something very real, that's hard to grab, that's precious, and that I got a hold of by pure brain-firing fluke. I am no longer here, I am there, and I would love to really go back if only I could.

Remembering how I felt, a long time ago.

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