A store that sells bags

Let's start with a context, as a context makes the whole process fun. You want to sell bags and you signed up for a Basic Plan. That plan gives you 100 SKUs. 100 SKUs means 100 variants. That's a little restrictive for you as you have 80 bags to sell, but that'll do. However, each of your bags come in 3 different types of 'material' and 4 different colors, so what to do? Read more →


Multiple attributes without variants in Shopify

As promised over there, I will present you with the algorithm and the JavaScript code needed to implement multiple attributes for products in Shopify without variants. With this method, you are not squandering any of your precious SKUs.

You will present your visitors with one drop-down select box per attribute your product has (for example, one for size, and one for color...). The method works for an unlimited number of attributes, ie. two, three, whatever. The chosen options for the cart items attributes will be stored in a web cookie and submitted to Shopify's 'back-end' during the checkout process. This method uses JavaScript. Read more →


How to get paid while helping other people

Christina is her real first name. The bulk of the solutions you'll find in the Shopify community forums are from her. She used to provide support more or less on a daily basis for many years. She doesn't hold a Computer Science degree, but boy is she a shrewd programmer nevertheless. Christina is brilliant, self-taught, wise and way too generous. Read more →


My head in CSS and usability

What's up with me these days?

  1. I am doing paid work on a Shopify site. I had to quickly learn a new template language called Liquid. Liquid was created for Shopify, but is also being used in other Ruby on Rails web applications. Somewhat limited language (no math, not much in terms of string manipulation), but it is elegant.
  2. I am reading the very enthralling and useful book Designing the Moment by Robert Hoekman Jr.