Theming the register form in Drupal 6

The following exercise consists in adding Terms of Use to the register form in Drupal 6. Provided that your website visitors aren't logged in, they can view the register form on the page

This exercise will show you how to:

  • recognize when a module has not registered a specific theming function for a form it generates,
  • register a theming function for a Drupal form in your theme, using HOOK_theme,
  • use the Devel module function dsm() to inspect complex variables, such as Drupal forms,
  • use the Theme Developer 'Themer info' widget to inspect those forms that only 'anonymous users' can see, for instance... the register form.

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Where are we ?

Say we are in a block. Or say we are in a node’s body or teaser. We may ask ourselves : where am I ? On this page, whichever page, is there a node displayed ? If so, which node is it ? Or is there a list of nodes displayed ? If so, what kind of list is it ? Is it a list of nodes who share the taxonomy term “news” ? To answer these questions, one needs to understand Drupal’s path system. Read more →