Have faith (hang on)


I'm not sure how or why my

I'm not sure how or why my road led me here to you today...but it did, and I am wondering how you are and hoping that all is well with you.

Ho... Grace...


Good to see you. I am ok. I have a boyfriend I love. Nothin' is perfect with him but he's pretty awesome and he's interested in me as a person, still. I work from home. Some weeks, money rolls in, some others there's nothing. I like what I do. My health is so-so. Depends how I take care of myself, if I ever do.

And you?

:) I'm happy for you, C.


I'm happy for you, C. Having someone to love is maybe the 12Heaven ;-). Or the 12Hell, depending! LOL

So much has gone on since we last spoke. I'm going to be a grandma in about 7 weeks, and that is just. Well. I can't even describe it. Chelsea is pregnant, has been living with me for a year now (all is reconcilled), and she is having a little boy. Davis is his name. The father is not part of the picture at this time, but she has a nice boyfriend who is very supportive of her. I'm still working at the same place. I'm still blogging, after a 2 month hiatus. I've also got a boyfriend (funny to say at 51). In good health right now, and enjoying my life for the most part. It is imperfectly perfect. :)

Thank you so much for responding. It made me smile!

Ohhhhh I wish I could read

Ohhhhh I wish I could read you. Can you send me the URL? I have been looking for you in cyberspace. I miss reading you so much, J.


I sent you an email this

I sent you an email this morning :) Hope you received it!

Got it!

I don't often visit that email box. I just did.

Yeah! :-D