Dance to your own song

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Ha! LOL :) I was just

Ha! LOL :) I was just blogging about dancing a week or so...
How are you doing, Caro???? Are you writing your screenplay like crazy????

By the way

'Dance ME to my song' is the title of an Australian movie that's not bad at all. The story is that of a sexually aggressive woman (who goes after whom and what she wants...) who happens to have cerebral palsy. Jesus, I can't remember if the movie has a happy ending. I think so.

I really like that saying : 'dance to your own song'. A mistake I make 'all the time' is try and dance to other people's songs. Sometimes I love other people's songs so much though ;-)

Hi Grace

I have taken lots of notes concerning Tha Story. I had decided to write a novel but now I see it as a movie. So it will be a movie :-)