Have faith (hang on)

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Note from the Universe

You live in Hollywood. You dream of acting; of thrilling audiences; of having the best roles.

I'm here to tell you that you can have what you want, if you make thrilling audiences your end result, not your roles.

You dream of living in opulence and splendor; of being financially free to pursue all that stirs your heart; of buying low, selling high, writing best sellers. You can have this too, if you make financial freedom and a happy heart your end result, not your trading, writing, or schmoozing.

You dream of rocking the world; that you will achieve that dream you have, that this thing you are working on will become excitingly popular; that you will be in all the right places at all the right times. Yes! I can see it now, if you make your dream your end result, and don't mess with the cursed "hows."

It's easy, simply understand that your dream, the end result, is far bigger and more important than any of the steps you think you have to take. From a physical perspective, you simply can't know all that's involved. Your idea of the right steps may not be the best way for your dream to come true. They may even work against you.

With your end result clear, take every step that emotionally calls to you, but do not make any of them how your dream will come true. Trust the Universe to do its part, to pick the players and orchestrate the "hows," yet give it a pallet to choose from by passionately doing the things that feel right. Not attaching your hopes and expectations to these steps, only to the end, the dream, thy kingdom come.

The Universe
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Va te coucher

Credit for that screenshot goes to Aristide.

PS : if YOUR name appears above, it's because you're logged in -- and php knows your name. The Universe is like a program : it knows everyone's name who's logged in LIFE. And reacts in a way predictable only to Itself. This was a personalized message from the Universe to you. Now go to sleep, Caroline.

Note from the Universe

Duly noted Caroline !  And so true. Of course, one knows these things on the better days and tends to forget them when things don't go so well, especially when confronted with "the hows" (and that often happens). But everything is taken to heart !




Oh oui, comme tu dis, Aristide : on sait ces choses quand on est optimiste, puis quand on obtient pas ce que l'on veut et comme l'on s'y attendait, on oublie. Disons que ça n'a pas toujours bien été, mais je me sens généralement bien choyée depuis un petit bout de temps, et avec le recul je me rends compte que ça allait bien souvent dans la bonne direction... même si je doutais. J'ai confiance en tout cas. J'ai reçu cet encouragement par courriel : je suis abonnée à une 'newsletter' qui remonte le moral, c'est sûr!

Wish I could read/speak

Wish I could read/speak French :)
I'm so happy you posted struck me (again) like a slap in the face when I read it. REMEMBER THIS, Jane! I am back to Square One (where I want to stay). Focusing on the end result and not how it happens, or through whom it happens!


C'est frappant que lorsque tout va bien, il y a peu besoin de s'engager dans un optimisme actif ; tout semble attribué par les circonstances favorables du moment. Bien souvent je constate qu'au moment où des émotions perturbatrices s'ajouent, il faut s'engager davantage dans cet optimisme actif, générer l'énergie pour transformer les émotions négatives vers un courant positif. C'est très bien en théorie comme je le décris ici, mais la réalise nous impose parfois le grand défi. Ceci dit, ça va assez bien pour l'instant ;-)