Does anybody remember L'Homme blessé

Jean-Hugues Anglade in L'Homme blessé

Not sure this movie aged well, but I have been for some reason thinking about it recently. Of all the movies that left a mark on me, this is one I saw a very long time ago. It tells the story of an adolescent guy (played by Jean-Hugues Anglade) who falls in love hard with an elusive, older, so sexy (as I recall anyway), bisexual man (played by Vittorio Mezzogiorno).

I have to see that movie again. I saw other movies from its director, two I loved : Intimacy (shot in English, I think that a lot people have seen it, and I think that the two actors are really hot in it), and Le Frère (saw it at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma). Patrice Chéreau, that’s the director. Apparently not gay. 1983 was the year L'Homme blessé came out, I was 12 then. I watched it on TV a few years later (I think), at a late hour (that I am almost certain of). Or it could be because the movie is set at night, it is always so dark in it as I recall. For some reason, the movie left a very strong impression on me.

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