Girl with nothing but a head

I often think that all I have going for myself is my brain. And that’s what I actually wrote on someone’s blog yesterday. Well, if that’s a self-deprecating belief I hold, it’s a reality for that person I saw on TV shortly after I expressed my thought last night.

Snow falling in front of my house

Someone called me at around 10 pm so that I watch this documentary about a young girl who lives with a parasite conscious head attached to her own head. The mother is a muslim woman who believes that God is testing her (I won’t go there). The girl was living with that twin sister with nothing but a head (with a fully fonctional brain), a human being who was suckling with no digestive ‘anything’, and who was crying real tears of desperation... and foaming at the mouth. I was watching this and thinking : This cannot be. The girl who provided that human being with blood was barely surviving with that “mess attached to herself” (her surgeon’s words), until she was operated. The mess (the extra head) was removed and got a religious burial — and was named Islam. The operation was successful, and the girl who had a head and body survived. I hate the fact that we had to watch the entire documentary to find out if the girl survived or not, as if it was a fiction with a punch line at the end — and all the time we’re told that the girl will likely die. And now there’s a snow storm in Montreal and other strange occurences all around. I took that picture an hour ago from my living room. I slid open all the patio doors and in the cold air took that shot while sitting in my wheelchair.

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Is weather in Montreal so

Is weather in Montreal so depressive? :) Come on... Here, in Ukraine situation is not slightly different than yours.