What I think of Theme Forest

The Envato Marketplace is in need of a new pricing redesign.

There are 2 problems with their pricing model.

It devalues the work of web designers and developers. When The Client can get his hands on a Drupal theme for $15, he or she will believe that theming Drupal is easy and that a custom theme can't possibly cost 2K and up.

Unless your sales are over $11,800 annually (or is it monthly), Envato will keep 55-60% of your earnings. And you have to sell your items exclusively on Envato to make that 40 percent. 40 percent times $15 = $6.

Payment Rates Details:

The Tuts+ Network is great. I am paying to be a plus member.

But that network is paying for itself quite well: fairly-priced advertisement, premium subscriptions, gullibility of contributors (who get paid little), and storage (and hosting?) on Amazon.

There are a few people getting rich and richer at the expense of many people's hard work and careers.

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interesting read

thanks for the link, everyone knows that's happening, nobody talks about it cause they think they can cash in... don't tell anyone!

On digital sharecroppers

Very thought-provoking reading.

I am too. I am a digital sharecropper in the Shopify's community forums.

Great article and great blog (Coding Horror), one of my all-time favorites as a matter of fact.

Jeff Atwood says:

“In essence, any website where user generated content is the website, that is also a for-profit business (not a non-profit organization, ala Wikipedia) -- is effectively turning their users into digital sharecroppers.

This totally applies to Envato's Tuts+ network.

The Tuts+ websites are their content, and that content is user-generated. People who comment are digital sharecroppers... and comments are often superior in quality and the interest-they-generate to the article they're attached to. And people who contribute articles are digital sharecroppers. They get paid $150 USD per article, and that is ridiculous given the revenues these sites generate with advertising and premium subscriptions.

couldn't agree more

Just found your article after googling for this subject. I was shocked when I read themeforest's terms of 75% commission for general sellers. Actually I couldn't believe it. This is why I searched for some voices on this subject. The concept of envato is great, the commission rates are insane if you ask me.

I can't agree more

I can't agree more, unfortunately the same counts for, I call it as SlaveLance, and TF as ThemePharaoh (well again for e-slavery)


Thanks for honest opinion and informative post. I joined theme forest today and tuts plus two days ago. But my question is: what you say is probably right but do you have any solution? I mean, do you know a better place for us? Thanks!

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What about 99designs +

What about 99designs + xhtmlchop ?
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