Excusez-moi, I was born in the seventies (on Gary Numan in Cars)

Whenever I think of the song Cars by Gary Numan, I think of a student film (not mine), screened back in the days of me studying 'Creative Arts' at CEGEP Champlain College. I remember how I stood there while watching the film, in my filmmaking classroom. Whoever made the film (it was an animation film made with a super-8 camera) had used the song as soundtrack. So I don't think of the Cars video. Well, I just stumbled on it now, one thing leading to another.

Fuck! That's amazing! The video borders on the ridiculous but only achieves to be downright ridiculous for short lapses of time. Numan is physically, and otherwise of course, fascinating... It took me a long while to realize why he is so stunning to me, he's just too darn stunning...

Riiight! He looks like the last guy who gave me an o! The guy who gave me my last o.

The Pleasure Principle Cover

The lyrics are not lame at all.

Here in my car
I feel safest of all
I can lock all my doors
It’s the only way to live
In cars

Here in my car
I can only receive
I can listen to you
It keeps me stable for days
In cars

Here in my car
Where the image breaks down
Will you visit me please?
If I open my door
In cars

Here in my car
I know I’ve started to think
About leaving tonight
Although nothing seems right
In cars

For the record, Gary Numan suspects, has suspected, once suspected, having a mild form of Asperger's syndrome. He would have said in 2001:

“Polite conversation has never been one of my strong points. Just recently I actually found out that I'd got a mild form of Asperger's syndrome which basically means I have trouble interacting with people. For years, I couldn't understand why people thought I was arrogant, but now it all makes more sense.”

Source: The Independent, 8 January 2007.

The great song we hear here is Slide Away from an album titled Artificial Perfect by Ade Fenton and Gary Numan. (And the video part is just a montage by a fan.)

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