Irresistible for sure

My boyfriend uses Axe, antiperspirant and soap. It's actually, in all truthfulness, more irresistible than chocolate.

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Two days after posting this, when I type...

irresistible for sure google, this entry turns up 2nd.

Bom Chicka Wah Wah


My ass smacks of axe.


My ass smacks of axe.

... and now this particular post does not show up anymore in the results, not in the first 10 pages anyway...

Not even with the keywords between quotes...

.... all in one day....


The Axe effect. It is strong then quickly subsides and leaves nothing behind.

Allen Toussaint

When a cold chill begins to burn at your very soul
That's the sweet touch of Love
When just the drop of a name begins to sting your very toe
That's the sweet touch of Love
Just the thought about seeing you would blow my mind
That's the sweet touch of Love
I was about to give up but you came just in time
With your sweet touch of Love

Tell me

I was about to start wearing Axe so i could pick up more chick then I realized you haven't told us which flavour of Axe you like the most. That's very important information that you've left out.

I like the chocolate one but I'm a guy so I need female input

oh yes chocolate is my

oh yes chocolate is my favorite too and my girlfriend loves it!

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Chacolate is my favorite.

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I love using this Axe

I love using this Axe flavour as well. It has a masculine, sporty smell without being too strong and overbearing.

- ST

Nice advertisement and there's nothing like AXE

The advertisement is just superb. And as i said before there's nothing like AXE .

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