322 registered & active users, not one dollar in donation

No one has ever donated a dollar to this web site. And I am starving NOW.

Last edited by Caroline Schnapp about 10 years ago.


check your paypal... and lets go (other 321!)

hi caroline and thanks-

i can't tell you how many times
i use your rubber-band css...
on all my drupal site themes.

hope you get some more donations-
you deserve it for the good stuff you are sharing with people,
your work and knowledge (and personality).

as always

vincent, in buffalo

Thank you for your donation, Vincent!

It's very appreciated!!....

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I did receive a book in donation though ;-)

From Vincent. He sent me quite an expensive book from the States.

Thank you Vincent!!!

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So sorry to hear that. Am I

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You have been lots of help to me


I just love using the

I just love using the inspire cards. They are the coolest!

No more donations?

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for validating my account. I went to donate, but i don't see any way, only "Thank You". Do you no longer need/accept donations? You can't imagine the hours i've spent learning to theme drupal. Your "beta book" is just incredible!!!



The link is fixed now. I'm very happy that you took notice.
Thank you for your donation.

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