An up to date Visual jQuery for 1.2.6

Update Tuesday, 29 Dec 2009 — Visual jQuery has been updated for jQuery 1.3 and is now hosted on the jQuery website at

A new updated Visual jQuery API browser is available here. Remy Sharp did the update — to jQuery 1.2.6. There is an offline Adobe AIR version you can download here, so that you can run Visual jQuery as an application on your machine. Drupal is up to date too. The latest Drupal 6 release uses jQuery 1.2.6. I am not aware that the jQuery website links to this updated version of Visual jQuery, so I am posting the link here.

Something else you ought to know, jQuery revamped its image.

Yesterday, they were using a pretty cool header image, although daring, but I love daring. The image showed a rock star, with a tag line that said 'Be a JavaScript rock star'. They've since removed it, unfortunately. Maybe Google has a cached version of jQuery's home page... nah.

Here is how the home page looked like yesterday:

Here is why the rock star header was removed. Interesting read.

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