I received this e-mail just now

“I am always there. I am always helping. I never leave you.
I was there yesterday, Caroline...
And every day before that.
And I’ll be there every day that ever follows.
I mean, where else am I going ?

Yo! Ho! Ho! A tool to help harness imagination! Our brand new Visualization Timer helps create focus, discipline and avoids excessively long sessions ! I use mine every single day !”

What the hell was that ? Sounds like the beginning of every other chapter in Philip K. Dick’s novel Ubik.

“Yeah, yesterday, Caroline. Just because this is a mass mailing doesn’t mean we both don’t know about your private miracles, nor that I can’t reach you between the words, the written words.

He doesn’t care about your life trip, Caroline. He does not like you-Caroline. He liked himself through you. He was quote unquote infatuated with the fact that you were infatuated with his writing. He will always get what he wants, and he didn’t want you, so don’t feel bad, be happy for him ! And isn’t it time that you get some of what you want too ? Why did you not pick up that ice cream the other day...? Häagen-Dazs was on sale just for you !”
— The Universe

Yeah. Right. Whatever. No particular flavor stood out anyway. I wasn’t sure about triple chocolate... There being 3 types of chocolate in it doesn’t guarantee that I will even like one type. I couldn’t make a decision.

Last edited by Caroline Schnapp about 10 years ago.


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