The camera lens iPhone 7 is

The camera lens iPhone 7 is less durable than previously thought
By Carlos Haces - 03/10/2016 7124
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Although we've talked a lot about new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, there are people who still analyzing and bringing these new devices to the end to find out more about its features and characteristics. This time it is the turn to try and push the boundaries of the rear camera lens iPhone in July.

In a new video for "Jerry Rig Everything", this person compares the sapphire cover of a traditional clock with the camera lens iPhone 7 this test was designed to compare the hardness of both components and see if the lens Enduring to cover traditional clock.

Although this comparison the camera lens iPhone comes not winning, the rumors about the abandonment Sapphire continue to rise even though the company is claiming that this material is covering the camera of the new iPhone 7. Even the head of company marketing, Phil Schiller had to respond with an emphatic message on Twitter, "it 's not true" that Apple has left the sapphire to protect their rear cameras.

the camera lens iPhone 7

Many separate tests have confirmed that Apple is using sapphire coating chamber however, many experts say that Apple could have used a laminate sapphire crystal , which explain the weak durability in these new models.

The only certainty is that no official news about the durability of the use of sapphire in the new iPhone 7 , but the hardness is the same as in other different models such as the iPhone, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.

In any case, the only certainty is that the lens cap iPhone 7 made of sapphire is as strong or weak as the same lens incorporating previous models, must not fall into the rumors that the iPhone lens 7 supports more or less damage than the previous lens models . Apple assures us that the new devices support the same damage as other iPhone models so we must be calm about this lens on the camera of the new iPhone in July.


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