Drupal hook mechanism explained

I am currently reading not just any other Drupal book. With its steady flow of publication goodness, Packt Publishing has always been, in my opinion, the perfect B+ student: hardly ever outstanding. But its latest Drupal title, Learning Drupal 6 Module Development, is exceptional. The book, so far, has very much surpassed my expectations. And what an outstanding writer Matt Butcher is!

I love the way he explains the module hook mechanism in chapter 1. Indulge me by imagining modules as women, and Drupal as a man with a mask.

"At predefined moments in this step-by-step [love-making] process, Drupal executes hooks stimulates the module's erogenous zones. What does this mean? In short, it means that Drupal examines some or all of the currently enabled willing modules, looking for functions that follow specific, predefined patterns. Some have linked this process to the 'callback' method often used in event handling models. It is similar to this, but [so much] more dynamic bonerific." (p.11)

Display/Hide the horribly-drawn content. If you are offended by ascii characters used to show facial expressions, skip ahead and do NOT click here.

"Drupal then continues its step-by-step processing of the request, perhaps executing many other hooks as it goes. Once all the steps have been completed and a response sent to the user, Drupal cleans itself up and exits." p.11.

I will come up with a serious review in about a week from now. But so far, I am jubilating. Grab your own copy. It is as good as Pro Drupal Development, but different.

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Wow -

I must re-read "Learning Drupal 6 Module Development" ... I think I missed some bits when I skim-read it.

ah ah ah

Thanks ;-)

(P.S. I made an edit. I use ascii characters for the lips now. It's more pleasing to the eye.)

Nice explanation. Thanks for

Nice explanation. Thanks for sharing......
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I just find this inappropriate. This is not what I expect from planet Drupal nor my fellow community members. You can call me prude, but I think for content that goes to Drupal planet you have to ask yourself "would I want my mother or 8 year old son/daughter to see this?" In this case the answer is no.

You're right

I will remove the 'Drupal' tag.

I'm confused, how is this

I'm confused, how is this inappropriate. Also how do I read all of it? It says I have to be a premium subscriber. Does this mean that I have to pay something or just register? I'm excited to read the rest of this post as I currently started a programming tutorial site that uses Drupal and I am needing to upgrade some of my modules to version 6.0.

Precisely acceptable stuff!

Precisely acceptable stuff here and I just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The contents in your post, seem to be running off the screen. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you now. The layout look great though Hope you get the issue resolved soon.
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The various situations that

The various situations that we never even heard of. Really love these kinda articles.


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